Illepidus Opium

  • I was born on March 25
  • My occupation is being bad
  • I am Male

Aye, I am Sparkz/Undead/Sparky/Sparkles or whatever the fuck you wanna call me, I uhh play DH? yeah I do thats right so uhh enjoy my shit page yeah <insert username here>?


daily reminder im a good boy who didnt do nuffin

My DH gameplay

In Beta I was Terry Schwarz a nomad of the alliance Knights Hibernial, I led the first part of The Hibernial war but after being crippled I only provided support in the second, after The Knights collapsed I joined up with UKIP Banking clan

In the open beta I led "The Theocratic Republic of the Northern States" which was the largest alliance on the west coast for a brief time but shortly after was subject to a coup by UKIP banker G7300, John Molotov and Abrican Mahler. This iteration died shortly after that

Lead the Neo-Navajo Republic ended up becoming the largest alliance in the game and fucked The Bandits, second largest. Ended up being couped by Cxc because loose lips sink ships fuck you Karl.

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