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The Neo-Navajo Republic

Cxc Flag

Holders of Power
Navajo High Chief Undead Sparkz
Seminole High Chief Eatfresh / Jared
Chief Cxcxxx
Bandit raiding of Nataque Navajo Victory

The Neo-Navajo Republic grew to be one of the strongest alliances in the third iteration of DH, Only being rivaled by The Bandits

The First Days[]

The Neo-Navajo Republic was founded by user Undead Sparkz alongside Cxcxxx and Lykos. Though they had a late start they quickly found themselves dominating the southwestern region. An early issue broke out with user Skinwalker (who went on to lead The Bandits) as he was recruited into DH by user UndeadSparkz with the intended purpose of joining NNR. However user Skinwalker founded his own alliance (then known as Warsaw Pact) which prompted Skinwalker to be left with a demand of him leaving within three days or he would be raided, additionally he was instructed not to recruit in the region of West Navajo. Skinwalker however recruited the user Tojo (went on to co-lead The Bandits) who joined into West Navajo, promptly the bandits initiated raids against Skinwalker who was later moved to Talledego.

Growth Period[]

Due in large part to user UndeadSparkz's mass recruitment NNR grew to become the largest alliance in DH for a time amassing 21 users which dwarfed all other factions by a minimum of 10 (though this shortly changed with The Bandits growth). During this time NNR signed pacts with The Bandits, The Disciples of Fire and The Telemark Union. Lykos also founded his own alliance during this time alongside with user EatFresh / Beardednek (Jared) being promoted to co-leader.

War with Bandits[]

The Bandits broke the NAP between the two alliances on March 6th, users Cosmic Canuck and Tojo raided poorly defended navajo in nataque. Though it looked like it was swinging towards the Bandits during the first few hours of the war user Eatfresh was armed with 300 weapons est. and sent to talladego at which point he began raiding.

Canuck lost aprox. 200 warriors Skin lost most of his warriors alongside 30 cars. Tojo lost aprox 100 people

Canuck later was believed to have fled from Talladego, but this was a Neo-Navajo misscommunication.

Cxcxxxxx's Coup[]

On the 18th of March Cxcxxxx launched a coup against Undead Sparkz creating the Neo-Neo Navajo Republic. In this coup he took with him the members that were loyal to him, including almost all weapons that the neo-navajo republic held.

Undead and his loyalists suffered 300 enslaved, 100 killed. During the looting 100 weapons, 30 cars, and most of the rest of their supplies were stolen. This left the NNR weaponless and destitute. However they were left with enough population to be able to rebuild.

With cxcxxxxx and Jareds defection, the NNR lost its spot in the leaderboards, with the NNNR becoming the alliance with the two strongest players in the game.