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New Rome

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New Rome is Dying Horizon's eighth alliance. It is lead under a Triumvirate, those triumvirs being Lykos, Praetor and Arkadios. New Rome does not represent any forum nor website.


Roma Invicta I[]

Toxyca(Evanlyn Hibernial) leader of the Knights Hibernial declared war on New Rome only hours after the games release. UndeadSparkz(Terry Schwarz) a member of the Knights Hibernial raided Triumvir Lykos, killing his people and taking his resources. New Rome supplied Triumvir Lykos with means to cease back the resources stolen from him. Triumvir Lykos launched multiple attacks on the warmonger UndeadSparkz and took back what was originally stolen and some. However unknown at the time faction lead by John Molotov had been asked by the Knights Hibernial to take up arms against New Rome, in which he did with little hesitation. Triumvir Praetor being the one receiving John's sword. Again, it did not take long for Rome to supply Praetor and Lykos with weapons and John Molotov was obliterated. 

John Molotov was then harassed on the Dying Horizon discord to pay reparations for the damages he caused New Rome. He was not able to front up and therefore this gif was created.


The Knights Hibernial's elected a new leader, Abrican. New Rome approached Abrican for peace : http://forums.dyinghorizon.com/showthread.php?tid=43 Peace was made and a Non-Aggression Pact (24 Hour cool down upon cancellation) was signed. Marking a victory for New Rome

Roma Invicta II

On the 30/7/2016 the Knights Hibernial leader, Abrican declared war on New Rome in violation of our Non-Aggresion Pact. http://forums.dyinghorizon.com/showthread.php?tid=70 The surpise attack came as shock to Rome as we couldn't believe the dishonorable act committed. Many Roman factions were slaughtered, only factions in the north and west survived. Days passed and things were quiet; New Rome was rebuilding. It took a few days but Rome made a counterattack, killing both Walter Smith and Gemima Peerson in Nataqua, Jmarcus in Arcadia, Roland Deschain in New Prairie, Nigel Farage in Edom and John Molotov in the Great Highlands. Triumvir Praetor went right to the heart of the Knights Hibernial who has just received back their old leader, Evanlyn Hibernial. Triumvir Praetor stormed the villages of Evanlyn and killed over 300 of his people along with securing a great deal of loot. It did not take long for the leader of the Knights to pack up and ragequit the game. (Which was apparently just a prank bro)

Toxyca Ragequitting