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Welcome to the DyingHorizon Wikia[]

Dying Horizon is a free online apocalypse role-playing game.

This wikia will catalog the gameplay as well as in-game history of the Dying Horizon universe.

About the game[]

Explore a new world and meet new allies and enemies along the way.

Dying Horizon is a free apocalypse role-playing browser game that throws you into a bleak and unforgiving alternate reality.

It's been roughly 10 years since the world collapsed. The world is vastly different than what it was before. You take on the role of a survivor, the leader of a small camp, in what was once the United States of America. But the land of the free and home of the brave is a distant memory. The new land has been carved out into 16 territories and the splintered remnants of humanity pepper the region. Will you try to bring unity to a smashed world, or raise an empire and rule it with an iron fist?

Sign up to play Dying Horizon absolutely free and see the world for what it has become...

  • Play alongside or against other players
  • Day and night cycles
  • Dynamic weather that changes gameplay dynamic
  • Pack up your camp and hit the road to explore the new world
  • Wheel and deal. Establish commerce and trade for goods and services
  • Build structures, scavenge for goods, grow crops, and go to war
  • Make difficult decisions that will influence your humanity and challenge your morality
  • Exciting and unique achievements show off your survival record
  • Take the game with you anywhere. Dying Horizon is 100% compatible with modern smart phones

Latest activity[]

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