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Blood Oath


Leader Kaynrus Cello
Knight-Oath Skirmish indecisive

Blood Oath[]

Blood Oath had a very fast rise to become the largest alliance in the Beta before skirmishes with other alliances culminated in an incident on the Dying Horizon discord that lead to leader Cello being banned permanently from all ways to play the game.


Blood Oath formed on the first day of the beta with leader Cello forming the alliance with several members from >Bloc alliance Blood Oath. The alliance quickly became one of the largest of the 5 major alliances in the early game. Tensions began to rise over the territory in the centre and south of the nation. As the first Hibernial war was ending Blood Oath was taking part in skirmishes with both the Knights Hibernial and New Rome.

Raiding and Recruitment[]

During this time Blood Oath was raiding almost all alliances in the area with members of the Knights Hibernial reporting raids as well as reports that other regional alliances. One of the main areas for tension was a desire to control the state of Kodiak which conflicted with New Rome's desire to control the state. In part of his plan to control the state Cello recruited large amounts of new players from >bloc. This decision made sure that Blood Oath swelled to over 15 members and was the largest alliance in the game. At the same time as this happened other alliances were beginning to grow tired of raids upon their lands.

Fall of Blood Oath[]

The continued raids by several factions of Blood Oath and particularly the leader Cello caused him to become very disenfranchised with the combat system and claimed it to be unfair and unfunny in what could be referred to as a meltdown on the Dying Horizon discord in which Cello decried the game as being broken and terrible, blaming the developer stax for all of the game's issues. Cello's meltdown on the discord channel culminated in a series of attacks upon developer stax and his family causing stax to permanently ban Cello from Discord, The forums, and the game itself. During his meltdown Cello disbanded Blood Oath. Despite attempts to recreate it himself or a successor Blood Oath V2 both would not gain more than one member.

Successor states[]

After Blood Oath fell the centre east and south east of the nation lost its largest alliance. New Rome gained control of Kodiak. The largest Successor state to rise was the New Black panther party which gained 7 members at its hight after the collapse of Blood Oath. Other members joined the UKIP Banking Clan or New Rome, with only very few members going elsewhere.